Boarding Information

Kennel Rate

Our indoor kennel runs are spacious and equipped with comfortable Kuranda beds, a stereo system, and A/C and Heat to ensure your furry friend’s utmost comfort. If your dog is social and loves to play, our kennel area is perfect for them. Here, your furry friend will have the opportunity to socialize and play outside with other dogs.

Please note that state law mandates that unaltered dogs over 6 months old cannot engage in direct play with other dogs.

-1 dog – $32/day

-2 dogs sharing- $59/day (cannot be food dominant to qualify)

B & B Rate 

 This kennel run is oversized and comes with a Kuranda bed. It also features a glass saloon-style door that provides access to a small yard.

-1 dog – $38/day

-2 dogs sharing – $64/day

Suite Rate

Our suites offer a great boarding option for dogs. Each suite is 120 sq. ft. and comes with ceramic tile flooring, a Kuranda bed, an Internet TV, and a stereo. Some suites have a dog door to access a large grass yard. 

Suites are especially beneficial for older dogs or dog families. However, there are qualifying factors to consider. Call or text Michelle to see if a suite would fit your dog(s) well. 

-1  dog: $48/day

– 2 dogs: $72/day

– 3 dogs: $92/day

Family Cabin Rate:

– 1 dog – $64 per day

– 2 dogs – $84 per day

– 3 dogs – $105 per day

– 4 dogs – $128 per day


If your dog tends to dig, please inform us. We may need to relocate a dog that excessively digs. 


Cabin 1: This cabin is perfect for families with multiple pets, offering 384 sq. ft. of inside space. Your furry friends can relax on the porch while enjoying the view of the 1/4-acre yard with a beautiful wooded background. The cabin includes amenities such as a saloon doggie door, Internet TV, Kuranda beds, a Mini-fridge, Heat, and A/C. You will not find a more serene setting for your dogs.

 Cabin 2: This cabin is cozier than Cabin 1, with a size of 288 sq. ft. It is best suited for 1-2 dogs and has amenities like Cabin 1. The tranquil environment is precisely what your furry friends need for a relaxing vacation.

Charges Calculation:

Charges apply for the day of arrival, regardless of drop-off time. However, you won’t be charged for the day if you pick up by 11:00 AM. A two-day charge is necessary on weekends, from Saturday to Sunday, due to limited business hours and high demand for space.
We implement minimum stay fees during significant holidays, typically three to four days. We refrain from accepting reservations from new customers during spring break, summer, or significant holidays for several reasons. Primarily, this policy honors the loyalty of our regular customers. And moreover, these peak times are less than ideal for introducing a dog to a new boarding environment. Instead, we suggest a brief trial stay in a less busy period, which eases stress for your dog and allows us to become acquainted with them.


Payment Methods: Quotes provided upon request.

1. Check with ID or Cash

2. Venmo – 2% convenience fee

To pay via Venmo, use: @petplacelodging

3. Credit Card – 3% convenience fee

For credit card deposits, please get in touch with Michelle.

TIPS: While we appreciate the intention behind tipping, it is unnecessary as our employees receive a fair wage. However, if you insist on providing a gratuity, it will be accepted as a donation to enhance the experience of our furry guests. The funds will provide added comforts such as treats, toys, blankets, and special meals for discerning eaters. We value your support and look forward to providing an exceptional service to you and your pet. 


Payment Policies:

We have implemented the following policies to ensure that our customers continue to benefit from rates significantly lower than our primary competitors. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

No-Show or Late Cancellation Policy: Your dog’s reserved space will be held exclusively for them. Failure to show up will result in charges for the reserved days. Canceling within five days of your reservation will incur charges for the days we cannot fill.

Deposit Policy: A deposit of 25% may be required at booking, which will be subtracted from your final bill.

Kennel deposits are refundable with a 7-day cancellation notice.

Suite and Cabin deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation. However, with a 7-day notice, the deposit can be transferred to a future stay in the same category as the original reservation, valid for one year from the initial booking date.

Early Departure Policy: If you collect your dog before the scheduled departure date, you will be charged for the entire reservation length. Once your dog has checked in, we cannot reallocate its reserved space.


Vaccination Requirements:

All dogs must have up-to-date Rabies and DHPP vaccinations. We strongly advise the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination as well. Please consult your veterinarian to determine if this vaccine is appropriate for your dog. Before your dog’s first drop-off and upon any vaccination renewal, please have your vet’s office send us the updated vaccination records.
Additionally, it is mandatory to administer flea and tick prevention to your dog from the beginning of spring through the end of fall. Your cooperation is greatly valued.

What to bring:

Please bring your pet’s food in a covered container with a portion scoop, or pre-packed in Ziploc bags for each meal. Clean bedding, toys, and treats that will comfort your pet are also welcome. While we provide Kuranda beds, if you prefer, you may bring your pet’s bed from home. There is no need to bring bowls for food or water. We advise against bringing items of significant monetary or sentimental value, as Pet Place Lodging cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Daily Observation:

We do not charge for interacting with, cuddling, and soothing your pet. Our choice of profession is driven by selfish pleasure: seeing pets content and joyful brings us joy.
We provide unparalleled care for every pet in our care. Every pet is given personal attention, with frequent daily checks for general behavior, eating patterns, activity levels, and overall demeanor. Should any issues arise, we act promptly. Signs of distress in a dog, such as loneliness, anxiety, destructive behavior, or loss of appetite, are taken seriously. We may need to relocate your dog to a setting where it will be happier. Billing reflects the initially scheduled area, though we may recommend a different one for subsequent visits. Our ultimate aim is the happiness of the dogs.