Boarding Information

Kennel Boarding Rate

Spacious indoor kennel runs, stereo, A/C & Heat:

1 dog – $32/day

2 dogs sharing- $59/day (cannot be food dominant to qualify)

B & B Run – oversized run in the kennel with glass saloon-style door with 24/7 access to the outside yard:

1 dog – $38/day

2 dogs sharing – $64/day

Suite Rate

1 dog – $48/day

2 dogs – 72/day

3 dogs – $92/day

Each 120 sq. ft. suite has ceramic tile flooring, Internet TV, and stereo. Some have a dog door to allow access to a large outside grass yard. If your dog is older and not a frequent boarder or is bothered by other dogs barking, a suite might work well for them. Suites are also an excellent choice for dog families. To qualify, there are some determining factors, so please call or text Michelle to see if a suite would be a good fit for your dog(s).

Family Cabin Rate

1 dog – $64/day

2 dogs – $84/day

3 dogs – $105/day

4 dogs – $128/day

Cabin 1, at 384 sq. ft. of inside space, is perfect for multiple pet families. Your pups will love lounging on the cabin porch while looking over their 1/4 acre yard with a beautiful wooded background. Amenities include a saloon doggie door, Internet TV, Kuranda beds, Mini-fridge, Heat, and A/C. Guaranteed, you will not find a more tranquil setting for your dogs.

Cabin 2, at 288 sq. ft., is just a little cozier for 1-2 dogs and includes all the same amenities in the same tranquil setting.

If your dog is a digger, please let us know. We reserve the right to move a dog that is digging excessively.

 Calculate Your Charges:

You will be charged for the day of arrival, regardless of drop-off time. However, if you pick up by 11:00 AM, you will not be charged for the day. Saturday to Sunday is a 2-day charge due to the limited weekend business hours and the high demand for weekend space.

During major holidays we have minimum charges ranging from three to four days. We do not take reservations from new customers during spring break, summer months, or major holidays for a few reasons: (1) we want to honor our existing customers’ patronage. (2) we have a waitlist during high-demand times, and (3) we believe it is a less-than-ideal time to introduce a dog to a new boarding facility. Instead, we suggest a short trial stay during an off-peak time to lessen stress on your dog and allow us time to get to know them.

Available Payment Methods: Price quotes available upon request

Check w/ID or Cash 

Venmo w/1.9% convenience fee

Credit Card w/2.6% convenience fee


We have implemented these policies to ensure our customers continue to receive rates well below our top competitors. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

No-Show or Late Cancelation Policy: The space you have reserved is held especially for your dog. If you do not show up, you will be charged for your reserved days. If you cancel within 5 days of your reserved days, you will be charged for your reserved days that we cannot fill. 

Deposit Policy: We reserve the right to collect a 25% deposit (plus applicable fees) at the time of booking. Kennel deposits are refundable with a 7-day notice of cancellation. Suite and Cabin deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation, however, with a 7-day notice, Suite and Cabin deposits can be used toward a future stay in the same area previously booked. The deposit must be used within 1 year of the initial booking.

Early Departure Policy: You will be charged for your reserved days if you pick up before the end of your reserved days. The space you have reserved is held especially for your dog. We cannot fill the space once your dog has arrived. 

Vaccination Requirements:

We require Rabies and DHPP vaccinations to be current for dogs. We also highly recommend the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination. We recommend the Bordetella vaccine be administered annually or more frequently. Please speak with your vet to determine if the Bordetella vaccine might be beneficial to your dog. Please have your vet fax or email us current vaccination records before initial drop-off and again whenever a vaccination is updated.  Additionally, we require you to treat your dog with a flea and tick preventive from early spring through late fall. Your cooperation is truly appreciated.

What to Bring:

Please bring the food your pet eats regularly at home. Clean bedding, toys, and treats are also welcome comforts. Please do not bring items of great monetary or sentimental value. Pet Place Lodging is not responsible for lost items or items destroyed or damaged by your dog.

Cat Boarding:

1 cat – $18/day

We have limited space for cats so please call well in advance for more information and to secure a spot. Please have your vet email or fax us your cat’s current FVRCP and  Rabies vaccinations and proof of negative Feluk test or Feluk vaccination.

The cats are kept in a sunny room, in individual spacious areas, and away from the dogs. The owner must provide food and bedding. We provide litter, bowls, and lots of love. For a cat to board successfully, they need personal attention. We give them the attention they need to feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

Daily Observation:

We do not charge for playing with, petting, and comforting your pet. We chose this profession for one very selfish reason… when we make pets comfortable and happy, it makes us happy. We deliver an unprecedented level of care to all of the dogs and cats that stay with us. Each pet is given personal attention and checked several times throughout the day for general behavior, eating habits, activity level, attitude, etc. Immediate action is taken if a problem is noted. Loneliness, anxiety, destructive behavior, or not eating are all signs of an unhappy dog, We see this as a problem. We reserve the right to move your dog to an area where it will be more content. Your charges will reflect the area that you scheduled with us and we may suggest another area for future stays. Our goal is always to keep the dogs happy.