This is what all-inclusive means to us!

This is what all-inclusive means to us!

We do not offer special package deals or add-ons. Why? Because no matter whether your dog is staying in basic boarding, in a suite, or in the cabin, our kennel is truly an all-inclusive lodge, meaning we give your dog what they need to feel comfortable, period. We don't believe it's right to capitalize on something that should naturally be provided for your pet. Here are just a few of the things we happily provide without any additional charges:

  • Extra love and petting
  • Walks on a leash outside of kennel area
  • Someone to play frisbee or ball with
  • Special touches to their food
  • Meals cooked for a queasy tummy
  • Comfort during storms, even during the night
  • Hand feeding to show them we know they miss their family but we care about them too!
  • Minor nursing care and rehab
  • Confidence and social skill building with their peers and with people too.

Don't be surprised if your dog leaves with a little extra sass in their step because they've learned that our place is not at all scary; in fact, it's kind of FUN! We work tirelessly to keep all our dogs happy. Pet Place Lodging has truly been my self -fulfilling prophecy.  -Michelle (owner/operator)

"We speak your dog's language"

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Michelle Ahrendsen


Michelle's favorite quote : "A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals and the creatures on this earth" -author unknown

Nicole Pins

Assistant Dog Whisperer And Photographer